Back when I was young, we would play outside all day.  Leaving in the morning and back late in the evening after days exploring the country side and getting to know my friends. 

We would build forts, ride our bikes, play hide and seek, run and laugh … it was a good childhood in the 70s-80s.  Life without the internet, mobile phones and computers.   Letters were written, service in shops was genuine and large tech companies like Apple, IBM or Microsoft were still in their infancy.


In the early 1990’s, I still used a type writer to type my university essays, and when the electric typewriter came about it was fantastic.  It was the norm, use the old rotary phones and later the large push button ones… we thought we were so cool. 

By 2003, when I graduated from a Website Design course.   I first learned to code HTML and then JavaScript – creating basic but functioning websites.   A year later, it was Dreamweaver that helped create websites.   Do you remember the news tickers across the bottom of website pages… or basic text saying “Hello! Today’s Date is…” that would pop up?  That’s JavaScript in its early days. 

In 2010 – coders had perfected the CMS system and WordPress changed the game.   It no longer required coding to create a website and instead “plug Ins” of ready made code was available.  Of course this was all open source, so as programmers collaborated the CMS system just got better and better. 

Today it seems, children spend hours upon hours on their mobile phones, tablets and computers and the gaming industry is continuing to grow.   You no longer see friends chatting in the isles at the grocery store, instead everyone’s heads are down engaged by the online content that is before them.   Connected… perhaps through chat forums, social media, emails and text… and yet unconnected from the traditional sense. 

For the few that read these blogs, I wonder if you have considered whether websites, mobile phones and the like are enabling us to be better connected or if it is the cause of a more lonely society which will result in further isolation? 

Without boring you with statistics (a quick Google will suffice) – companies like Facebook are actually leading to greater dissatisfaction among users.   With the help of apps and modern technology, posts & images are often doctored to look their best, capturing just the right angles and adding just the right light.  Users browse their list of friends posts and feel an envy with a conscious & subconscious decision to post images that are even better.  A natural drive to be the best and to display it online has allowed Instagram to grow exponentially. 

As a website designer & marketer – I seek to make your company look its best.  Taking advantage of the users desire to connect and creating marketing material that represents you at your best.     After over 15 years in the industry I can quickly construct a CMS website that is responsive (mobile friendly) and has all the features you could possible list.   

Send me a wish list of what you would like to see on your website.   Let me know your budget, current website address and any other info and then lets have a chat.   

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