Efficient Light was the first Magento website we have worked on.  Created by external programmers in India, the website was incomplete when we agreed to clean up the text & images. 

The project ended up being a very large one as there are over 21,000 lighting products offered by this company. 

We were involved in the SEO, layout & design with wyswig editor only, worked with external contractors and with the Director. 

The result is a much cleaner website where each Magento block has been edited.  This website is still in progress with a recent move to WordPress, where we also set up the template and home page.   It is an on going project and will require continuous work to help promote products & services. 

Tools & Software

We used the following software & services to help create the website & promote this company…

  • Magento
  • Wyswig Editor
  • PHP, HTML, CSS code edits
  • SEO 
  • Content Writing
  • Image Editing
  • Social Media Promotion

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