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Which CMS System

You will hear so many different things from different developers, designers & marketing professional as to which software is the best.

Drupal they say is best for large E-Commerce, WordPress for smaller sites – then there’s Woo Commerce, Magento, Joomla, Drupal… the list goes on.  And there’s no surprise you feel confused.

From my humble beginnings of hand coding websites in HTML to the Dreamweaver days… and now its CMS & E-Commerce.  I personally highly recommend WordPress for both small brochure websites and large E-Commerce.

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Alpha One – we are Gloucestershire Web Developers.

Google has said that they will rank websites that are built for mobile phones first.   This means many people are in need of a website update to a CMS system like WordPress.   This will alllow for growth going forward and at help with Google ranking.

Our websites are not only built for a wide variety of devices, but we incorporate features like Social Media, Contact Forms, Galleries,  Blogs and Menus within our standard price.

From there you can add on a wide variety of features including: E-Commerce, Booking Systems, Member Areas and more…

Google First.

When computers were first seen in homes… they were large items with dot matrix printers and often a green screen with text capability only.

Google was at its inception (i wish I had bought stock) and mobile phones hadn’t even begun to exist.

Thanks to our rapid technological advancement – we now have a growing internet, remote purchasing, mobile phones and AI that is about to take over.

Google has become the database of all things – and thats why ranking your business on Google is imperitive.

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Why we like WordPress…

We recommend using WordPress for your website software platform.  This is not only the largest CMS open source software in the world.   But it offers unlimited plug ins (software add ons) that work very well on all devices and help with google ranking.

WordPress is also very easy for our customers to maintain.   If you can use Microsoft word then you can edit one of our websites.  In the long term this saves you money – as you have the option of adding your own images, text and content with ease.

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Website Design & Development in Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding communities including Tweskbury, Cirencestershire and all of the Cotswolds.

We will visit you on site and consult with you in person, or over the phone.

Pricing is tailored around your individual needs and budget.   With % due up front prior to any work being started, a second instalment prior to launch and the rest once the site is live.

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